Thank you to this lovely Los Angeles family for this awesome Yelp review!!

“Stop your search for a newborn photographer right now and make a consultation appointment with Erika. I promise you, this will be the least stressful thing you will have to do during pregnancy and with your newborn. A co-worker referred me to The Pod but I did call around to a few other photographers as well. We went in to meet with Erika and her enthusiasm and patience made us feel so excited and at ease. Never once throughout the entire process did we ever feel rushed or pressured into anything. Not to mention, when we told them we named our daughter Ellie partially after a character from the movie Up, Erika jumped at the opportunity to make a special set for her! We were completely floored with how the photos turned out! Not to mention, the entire experience is plain dreamy. Keep in mind that your newborn shoot will be during a time when you are still very much recovering. We were constantly offered refreshments, teas, a comfortable waiting area, you name it, they have it! It made the whole experience so much for comfortable. I cannot stress how amazing it was to feel so taken care of at a time when I was so exhausted and still in pain from childbirth! I guarantee you will not have the same experience elsewhere!!!”

The clientele who comes to our studio generally says “I love the newborn photos on your website – just do that for me.” We always customize each client’s newborn baby photography shoot with the colors and styling that they like – but most people just want us to “do our thing.” Every once in a while though we get a creative family who has very specific ideas for their photos. We love it when we can bring their particular vision to life an always encourage their ideas.

This family had no shortage of creative ideas for their baby girl’s infant portraits and wanted our professional help to bring them to life.Their most important idea was to have a set that reflects their favorite movie Up – the lead character of which “Ellie” is the namesake to their daughter. At our session design meeting we talked about using balloons and tying them to a cute basket – but I told them that I would surprise them and design the whole thing. Between then and the photo session, Leah  our kids and family photographer, hand drew and cut out the amazing little house that is a replica of the one in the film. The family loved the set, of course, and we were honored to create such a meaningful image for baby Ellie to treasure forever!

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