When I first met this couple at their session design appointment about a month before the photo shoot – I could tell that they were going to be FUN! First off, they were not finding out the baby’s sex before it was to be born. Typically, when planning a family’s newborn pictures and they are not finding out whether it will be a boy or girl, we plan for both scenarios. Most people tend to go a little more girly with stereotypical soft pinks, lavenders and yellows for a girl – and then they tell me they want more bold blues, suitcases  and sports themes with a boy for their newborn photography.

This family – however – was different. They wanted the exact same styling whether the baby turned out to be a boy or a girl. They LOVE orange, and really wanted to incorporate a lot of that color into the baby’s photos. Of course, this little one turned out to be a girl and so we had our very first orange inspired baby photo session at the studio. It is always so fun to have to think outside of the box and bring a client’s entirely new vision to life. In addition to out props, backgrounds and accessories – the family brought their own special blanket knit by grandma that we put in the background of one of the sets at the studio.

My favorite set – however, and the one that truly launched this family into ultra cool status – was their family picture. They did not want a traditional “looking at camera smiling” first family photo. Since both parents are in the entertainment industry – they wanted an image that looked like they were on set somewhere, in a more casual pose. So, we moved some things around at the studio to make it look a little more industrial, added our clap-board with their information on it and captures some inspiring, unusual and definitely unique images that this family will treasure for generations.

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