Styling for First Birthday Photography in Redondo Beach

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  As a lot of our Redondo Beach Pod Moms know, for first birthday photography, we love customizing photoshoots.  For this particular session, mom was having an ice cream themed party for her little girl.  So, we here at our Redondo Beach first birthday photography studio agonized over the perfect set to create for her!  We had a number of ideas going for this fun first birthday session.  And a number of our ideas were terrible.  It took a lot of trial and error to get it just right!

Our inspiration came from a few different places.  The Museum of Ice Cream was the first place we started looking to draw inspiration for this Redondo Beach first birthday photography shoot.  But it was a little more “poppy” and Andy Warhol than we wanted to go.  So instead, we started looking at high fashion advertisements.  Soft, pastel, springtime colors were grabbing our attention!  So we went down to Samy’s Camera (we are so lucky to have one walking distance!) and bought a roll of seamless blue paper.  That was the background.  Clean, fresh, fashion-inspired.

And then!  Our amazing in-house designer, Cecily, came up with the cutest plan!  We have all of these beautiful swaddle-fabrics that we use for newborn sessions.  So we picked out the prettiest pastel colors, rolled then up, a put them on ice cream cones!!  It was the BEST idea to have “ice cream” in the studio without making a ridiculous mess!


Thinking about adding family portraits to your first birthday photography photoshoot?

We don’t typically recommend shooting family portraits on the same day as your smash and splash first birthday photography session.  It can tend to be a lot for babies, and then you don’t get them in the best mood for their solo photos.  But sometimes, we can’t help it!  This Redondo Beach Mom and Dad came into the studio looking so stunning!  And that red dress on Mom was to die for!!  She looked so smokin’ hot, we couldn’t NOT do family photos!  Take a look at some of our favorites:

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