We don’t generally talk about it – but we have a lot of pro athlete clients here at the studio. As a celebrity newborn photographer in Los Angeles, you can imagine that we sign a lot of NDAs and aren’t allowed to post the photos of these elite families online. However, pro-athletes and their families are our favorites to photograph! In our experience they have been the absolute nicest, down-to-Earth people out there. They are appreciative of our portraits, respect our process and tend to rave to their friends about our portrait studio. Plus they generally have more than one home that they are trying to decorate with our artwork, so that doesn’t hurt either!

Whether our clients are celebrities or not – we pride ourselves on giving each baby client the celebrity treatment! Since we only photograph one session at a time, we are able to focus all of our energy on that one client and their needs. In addition to having a spacious and luxurious shooting studio, we also have an awesome green room. This is where our families get to relax, change, feed their baby and throw their stuff around before the session starts. When clients roll with an entourage, the family is usually in our shooting space taking their pictures while the rest of the crew stays in the green room.

The family in these photos was no exception – they were so sweet and appreciative of their images.  We were thrilled that they traveled from Calabasas to our studio, we know that is no easy feat with a newborn and second child.

We would love to give your family the star treatment and capture amazing photos of your baby, newborn or family. Visit our website and give us a call at 310-391-4500 to schedule an in-person or phone consultation!