People often look to us for inspiration for their baby’s first birthday party theme. So, we’ve compiled a list of our top requested themes for first birthday photography. There are endless themes, and we could go on for days, but here they are!

The Top 5 First Birthday Party Themes For Girls

  1. Unicorn First Birthday

    Let’s face it. Unicorns are just IN. Everyone and their sister are throwing a unicorn first birthday party. In fact, there are probably thousands of unicorn related parties happening around the world right now as you are reading this! It’s the number one most popular theme right now, and as a first birthday photography studio in Hermosa Beach, we hear it every single day. Which is why we have the studio stocked with rainbow and unicorn backgrounds, glitter, clouds, crowns, and beautiful pastel colors to accessorize each photo session with this super fun theme!

  2. Mermaid First Birthday

    Mermaids take our number two spot. Even the owner of our Hermosa Beach photography studio had a mermaid themed baby shower! Who doesn’t love the gorgeous color scheme with aqua and mint tones mixed with soft pinks and purples? And every one of us girls has dreamt of being a mermaid at one point in our lives. This party theme is sure to let imaginations run wild!

  3. Wild One Bohemian Birthday Party

    A play one words is always fun! What we love most about this theme is it embraces the unpredictable nature of babies. Babies are wild! And that’s the best part about them! Especially at this one year milestone, babies are beginning to walk and explore! The wild one theme is usually accompanied by bohemian props such as teepees, floral and Aztec patterns, paying tribute to Native American culture. Our Hermosa Beach studio is full of bohemian rompers, floral crowns, succulents, greenery and an abundance of amazing props to go with this theme! Including adorable, gold-glittered, “wild one” cake toppers!

  4. Ice Cream Party

    One of our favorites! This is a great theme for someone who likes color! Whether you want bold colors or soft pastels, this is a fun party theme for everyone involved! And your party guests will love you for it! Plus, we here at our Hermosa Beach photography studio have a blast creating pretend ice cream cones for the portrait session! You can never go wrong with ice cream. Never.

  5. First Birthday Tea Party

    There is an elegance to this theme that is unlike the others. Unicorns, mermaids and the land of make-believe is absolutely adorable for babies. However, if you want something slightly more grown-up, an elegant little tea party could be the way to go! Using a color scheme like pinks, golds and whites, with glitter and more formal attire can be so darn cute! Who doesn’t love to see babies dressed up like little ladies?! The tea party theme is one of our favorites at our Hermosa Beach Studio!

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