Playa Vista Family Beach Photography

A big family.  Four kids.  All under the age of 5.  Dressed in all white and going to the beach for a Playa Vista family beach photography session… sounds like it could have it’s challenges!  Well challenge accepted!!  For us girls here at The Pod Photography, patience is the name of the game.  Parents often look at us like, “I don’t know how you girls do it,” and we get it.  For us, it’s easy.  We get kids.  Especially toddlers – they think they are the boss of everything, and truth is.. they kind of are.  But for us, we take charge by having toddlers and young kids THINK that they are in charge when ultimately, we are guiding them to do exactly what we need them to for the session!

Often times, we’ll hear parents during a shoot talking to their two or three-year-old:

“sit still!”
“look at the camera!”
“smile naturally!”
“act right!”
“stay there!”
“stop crying!”

And we do our best to gently remind parents… you have a toddler.  And I have meet maybe one in one hundred toddlers that actually LIKE to listen.  These kids want to do their own thing, and do it their own way.  And they can be pretty stubborn about it.  So what do you do in that type of situation?  Tricks, games, playfulness.  For us, we like to get over there where they are.  What’s it like for them to be here at this new space with this new people being told what to do?  And more importantly, how can we make it fun for them?

When we pulled up for this Playa Vista family beach photography session, we knew we would have our work cut out for us.

Mom had already let us know that her twin five-year-old girls were “very high energy,” and that their three-year-old followed suit.  Their little boy was super mellow, just kind of observing what his wacky big sisters were doing!  And we absolutely loved that Mom & Dad embraced each of their kiddo’s personality.  They both did such a great job of smiling through it, no matter how loud the kids were screaming, how fast they were moving, or even how pouty they were pouting!  Whatever the kids were doing, Mom & Dad smiled and laughed through the whole shoot – which made for such great story-telling images.  Take a look at some of our favorites from this Playa Vista family beach photography session:

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