circus first birthday

Circus First Birthday

For this little man turning one, mom wanted a circus first birthday party. And we love the backstory behind it!

Believe it or not, this little guy is baby #3 in the family, and his story is so unique! Let’s back up to three years ago when Mom & Dad were trying to get pregnant. After a couple of tries, it wasn’t quite working out. And so, they chose to adopt a beautiful baby girl! Well, surprise! During the adoption process, they got pregnant! And with their three month old adopted baby girl, they now had a newborn baby boy PLUS a three month old baby girl! WHAT!?

Fast forward and the “twins” (what I like to call them), are two years old and then… Bam! Here comes baby #3! But this little guy made no ordinary entrance into the world! Born at 24 weeks old and weighing only 1 pound, Baby Oliver arrived! And to make their story even crazier, you would expect to have a couple of health issues going on with such an early delivery. But not Baby Oliver. Not a single thing to worry about with him! With pristine health and a personality that just shouts, “Here I am, world!!” this little dude is in PERFECT health.

So, hence the theme. Mom says they call their family “The Circus,” and so, a circus first birthday was just the perfect theme for his big milestone. And it’s not just his milestone alone! The whole family had been through such a whirlwind, and so it was an incredibly special milestone for everyone!

What’s YOUR family’s story?

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