At our Torrance, California baby photo studio – we love creating custom sets for our clients. During a typical baby photography session we will capture 4-5 different sets with the baby in different poses and on completely different sets. Therefore, it is fun to capture some classic sets in addition to the more whimsical baby pictures that we are known for.

This particular client brought two fun ideas to the session design meeting we had with them before the photo session. The first was a “baby Einstein” set where the family wanted the baby to be doing something science related. We took that idea and ran with it! We created a little baby size chemistry lab, complete with periodic table, colorful beakers and of course books and glasses. This set was really fun to design. While we were setting it up, we knew that we wanted colorful liquid in the beakers, but food coloring just wasn’t giving us the vibrancy that we wanted. So, Cecily took a trip out to Taco Bell and got cups of colorful soda for the beakers. The carbonation make the colors pop – and the resulting image is so fun and fresh feeling!

The second set that this family asked for from our professional baby photographer – was a beach set. This is a request we get a lot, since we are located in Southern California. This little dude fit perfectly into our beach lounge chair where he looked like he was basking in the sun (wearing sunscreen of course!!) The beach set is the perfect custom styling for any local Torrance family.

We are always excited to bring a client’s vision to life and create something totally unique. If you are interested in custom baby pictures, give us a call! Our phone number is 310-391-4500 and make sure to look at more cute baby photos on our website.