As a newborn baby photographer, I get really excited when a client wants a custom set designed for their little baby. Typically a client requests one intricate set – but this family asked for three! Luckily, the sets were all incredibly cool concepts and I was thrilled to execute them at our Los Angeles newborn portrait studio.

The first baby set they were inspired by was Starbucks! Yes, this dad was a huge Starbucks coffee fan and thought it would be hilarious if his baby were a coffee barista asleep at the counter of a store. Well, I was up for the challenge! This set became about a 3 month passion project since I became obsessed with recreating a Starbucks store down to the tiniest detail. The apron was created for us by Pitter-Pats Creations but the rest of it was all me! I went to countless Starbucks stores in order to get the right rustic vibe for the counter (craft crates that were covered with rustic wood print scrap-booking paper) and all of their branded snacks and drinks. The pastry display case is by Hallmark for their cupcake ornament collection. I am most proud of the snack bins I made for this baby sized set. I bought small plastic flower posts, wrapped them in a thick twine and then created the black stand out of Popsicle sticks that I spray painted black. The stuffers, well they are large bags of chips that I cut into quarters and then stuffed with cotton balls before gluing closed. This was definitely a labor of love!

The second set we created for this newborn baby at our Los Angeles photography studio – was a custom barber shop. The great grandfather of this baby was a barber and his name came from him. If you look closely in the background, you can see a picture that we printed out of grandpa to decorate the set. Finding the perfect baby scale chair was the trickiest part of this set. I finally found the perfect one made by Our Generation – it was tall enough and sturdy enough for a 7 day old baby photo shoot! I completed the look of the set with a nostalgic checkerboard floor and lots of barbershop tools.

The last set that was requested by this lovely family was a request from the mom. Her heritage is Indian, and she wanted to incorporate the Sari she wore on her wedding day. We thought we would masculine up the image with a cool looking turban. I love how the baby’s skin just glows against this vibrant red of the sari in this picture!

Creating custom newborn baby photo sets in our specialty at our Los Angeles photography studio. We love bringing whimsical pictures to life and creating fine art portraits with our tiny human subjects.

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