El Segundo Family Photos

The best kinds of El Segundo Family Photographer are the ones that show personality and relationship. This family is easy going and full of personality, and it shows in their portraits! I love the moments of silliness, joy and connection that I was able to capture during this high energy El Segundo Family Photos session.

Showing Personality

There are a million ways to show off your personality in photos, however, my favorite way is through outfits! Instead of confusing the photos with props or elaborate scenes, I like to personally style each member of the family so that their outfit reflects their individual taste. For this family we went with a complimentary color palette of yellows and blues. Mom wore a boho blue and yellow skirt with a jean jacket to show her laid back, effortless style. Dad kept it simple and clean with a light grey button up and comfy jeans. Ryan looked super cool in his bright yellow undershirt and graphic black and white vans. Last, but not least, Miss Emerson wore a yellow star cardigan and cool patchwork jeans to show off her artistic personality! Take a look at our Family Clothing Guide HERE to learn more styling tips!

The Key to Fun Family Photos

With over 11 years of experience, our El Segundo photography team has learned a thing or two about taking fun, vibrant family portraits. Making your subjects feel comfortable is the key to getting people to relax and enjoy having their picture taken. As the Photographer, it is my job to put my subject at ease. As the subject, it is your job to trust the Photographer and stay present! To help everyone relax, my personal favorite technique is to get them to play games with me. For example, I told everyone to point to the person that is the smelliest in the family! For the next shot, I told them to point to the most creative family member. These simple prompts got great reactions out of everyone and really helped them to relax in front of the camera.

Check out these unique and fun family photos below:

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