A Newborn Portrait Session is a great way to have beautiful images to display in your home.  We offer heirloom photo products so that you can display your beautiful images throughout your home.  We all know how fast the newborn years fly by!  Portraits are a great way to keep those precious memories alive and fresh as time has passed, and your little one is no longer a newborn.

This adorable baby boy decided he would sleep through the entire portrait session.  It did, however, make posing him easy and stress-free.  And who can resist a peacefully sleeping baby?

Stuffed Animal Theme

For this newborn portrait session, mom chose a few creative backdrops.  The first portrait session included posing this cutie next to stuffed animals, which created a playful portrait theme.  Can you guess which is the baby boy?

While this may look as if we placed the newborn on a shelf next to the stuffed animals, it was shot by laying him safely on the floor in a controlled environment.  The soft-colored stuffed animals were placed on each side of the newborn.  The shelf was then placed under his tiny precious baby feet.  Newborn safety is of the utmost importance when creating a unique session in The Pod Photography Studio.

Baby Sleeping Pose

The next image is simple, yet makes a statement.  We laid the baby boy on a shaggy gray rug and placed a gray crochet beanie on his head.  Look at all those cute baby wrinkles!  And his adorable face sleeping peacefully melted my heart.

Mom also chose a minimalistic scene that included a hint of greenery.  We placed baby on a blanket inside a hexagon shelf for a rustic feel.  Does this not look like a special delivery from the storm himself?

Newborn Floral Theme

Ski Resort Themed Backdrop

For the themed portion of the portrait session, the parents chose a unique ski resort backdrop.  This unique theme was inspired by how mom and dad met.  They met at a ski resort snowboarding.  It was a tradition for the couple to take a shot of Jagermeister before skiboarding down the slopes.  Therefore, they decided to incorporate that into their newborn baby’s portrait session. A tradition they can look forward to every year and share with their baby once they are older.

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Our photographers specialize in documenting the first year of your baby’s life.  We also offer themed portrait sessions, or you can create your unique portrait theme during our brainstorming session, which is included with your booking appointment.

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