The Robins are a fantastic, beautiful family who I had the privilege of getting to know a few weeks ago.  They are recent transplants to Los Angeles – and after giving up their long time relationship with their photographer in their old city, we were lucky enough to be chosen as their new go-to photographer.  As an interesting side note, Mom was telling me why she chose me and my studio as her photographer and it was because she liked our photos from every specialty – maternity, babies, kids families…. she said that she looked at a lot of photographer before choosing  us and there were other photographers who were good at just one thing, such a babies, but their family portraits were awkward.  I thought that was a really interesting observation – and I am so happy to have heard that my work speaks in that way.  Choosing your photographer is an incredibly personal experience, and I am always so honored by all the clients who love our style and what we are all about.

In addition to these lovely family-style maternity photos – the family purchased our Baby’s First Year Package – so we are excited to meet the new baby and see her grow!