When designing our albums, I mostly work on maternity, newborn, and families with young babies.  I love designing these, but when Leah (our Kids & Family Photographer), asked me to design an album for a ten year old girl as a studio sample, I was really excited. With the major milestones happening within that first year, parents sometimes forget to document the big kids (typically 4-13 years old). But for us, in the documenting business, we think this age is exciting too 🙂  Kids in this age gap have lots of personality and they want to EXPRESS it! Leah said she wanted this album to show personality, and to just be FUN because big kids are fun too! I immediately became inspired with what I could come up with! I knew I wanted to use expressive words, bold colors and exciting design elements to really capture Miss Isabella’s personality at this age.

Designing this album made me think of the photo albums my mom has of me at this age- making silly faces, dancing around in my favorite Spice Girls t-shirt (I’m not embarrassed about it), and being Miss Sassy Pants 🙂 The difference is my albums weren’t as hip and cool as these. These memories go by so quickly and I feel so privileged that I get to help make these memories last and showcase all these crazy expressions.

Cheers, Natalie