The beach is a very popular location for maternity photos, and understandably so! We photograph in Manhattan Beach all of the time, and it is a beautiful backdrop for a couple’s expecting portraits.

There are several reasons why our clients select the beach for their pregnancy pictures, here are a few that they tell us:

  1. It’s Southern California baby! Whether our mamas to be are native to California or transplants, the beach is a part of the Southern California lifestyle. These days people are always moving around the country, it is nice to document the place that you were living during your pregnancy.
  2. The cool air is refreshing! I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant I was constantly hot. There is a little furnace inside of us – and that sometimes leads to overheated, sweaty mamas in their photos. The beach is always a nice cool temperature because of the cool winds that roll in around sunset, so it is a great choice for a Summertime outdoor location.
  3. Embrace your inner Goddess! There is something about the peacefulness of the waves crashing, being barefoot in the sand and the smell of the salt air. You just feel in touch and connected to nature! Being at the beach helps our maternity clients feel their amazing power and part in creating new life.

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