Every little girl grows up dreaming about becoming a princess: to live in a castle, wear fluffy dresses, have a voice of gold, be surrounded by super-smart animal friends, and of course there’s that oh-so-handsome eligible bachelor that we are promised! Even though most of us have outgrown our princess fantasy, had our fairy tale wedding and have washed our Prince Charming’s laundry hundreds of times… a little bit us still holds on to the dream that someone will one day confirm what we’d always suspected: that we are in fact a real live princess.

Well, real or not – this mama of gorgeous Sofia got to live the fantasy by playing “Jasmine” in Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular for several years. Since Jasmine is so near and dear to her heart, she wanted to bring her princess past to current Sofia’s newborn photos and subtly incorporate that special shade of “Jasmine Blue.” I wanted to find the perfect fabric for the shot we envisioned for Sofia’s room and so I went fabric shopping… I found the most beautiful, soft, cream with teal sequins and Arabic inspired pattern for the name basket shot. We are so happy for this family and their very own little princess 🙂

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