Working with this couple was so much fun because this mama to be had so many ideas for her shoot! She came complete with Pinterest board to our session design meeting and had ideas to incorporate the purple umbrella from her wedding, the baby’s ultrasound photo and all kinds of other personal details. We also discussed ideas for their session location at length, and decided on the very romantic Venice Canals for their maternity photos.

I love to shoot at the Venice Canals because it’s different every time: there are different flowers blooming, the fences change, houses get re-painted, I have to shoot around seasonal decorations, sometimes cats follow us… it’s always a treasure to turn the corner and discover a new spot  I have not seen for a while! The one thing that doesn’t change about the Venice canals is the light. It is very tricky to get a nice hair glow at the Canals because there are few trees hanging into the pathways (which would filter the light and allow me to capture that hair glow that we are famous for at The Pod!) and so you have to stick to the shadows until sunset gets close. I always prepare my clients in advance and let them know that we’ll only have 10 minutes or so to capture that perfect glow – so when I say “go” we all jump into action and capture the magic of the light. I”m pretty sure that I say “OMG, you look amazing!” about a hundred times during those last 10 minutes because the beauty of that glow gets me every time 🙂