One of my favorite things to do to prepare for a shoot is styling. Of course, we style up all the little sets and backgrounds and props and things, but where it really all comes together, is in the outfits!

As most of you Pod Moms know, we are always stocking up on new backdrops, accessories, and fun props, as well as building up our collection of clothing for the kiddos! Why do we provide clothing for your shoots? Because you’re a busy mom and you’ve got enough going on! We try to create a comfortable, fun and relaxing environment for your photo shoot, and chances are, you haven’t given too much thought to what everyone is going to be wearing. That’s where we come in.

A lot of times, I get feedback from moms with rambunctious little boys, that they don’t know what to dress them in – that girls get all the fun outfits with headbands and tutus and ruffles and lace.  But quite honestly, I have so much fun coming up with adorable outfits for little boys.  Pairing together suspenders with a fedora, a little bow tie and a preppy cardigan, or dressing them up in a handsome little vest. But, as a mom, you may be used to your little one running around in a onesie, grungy t-shirt, or pretty much anything they can explore and get messy in. That’s why we provide everything you need on photo shoot day. However, in case you have a desire to style up your handsome little man off the stage, here’s a list of our top 8 favorite places to shop for baby boy clothing:

  1. Zara – We are obsessed with all of our rugged jeans that we get from Zara with built-in, interchangeable suspenders.  So hip and cool!
  2. Janie and Jack – These guys are killing it in the baby clothing world. They always have the classiest outfits that will never go out of style.
  3. H&M – Another great shop for little jeans, trousers, suspenders, and other adorable accessories!
  4. Baby Gap – You can never go wrong with simple, staple pieces for your little man’s wardrobe. We get most of our classic button downs from Gap.
  5. Ron Robinson – Shop on Melrose with the celebrities and you’ll be sure to be in on all the latest trends!
  6. Pumpkinheads – One of our favorite local shops. Not only do they have great clothing, but wonderful customer service!
  7. Everything Nice – If you are looking for something more on the dressy side, this is a great place to find adorable outfits for big events such as weddings and baptisms, but also great themed outfits.
  8. Le Petit Kids – Talk about hip and cool! This shop has all the essentials and will have your little guy looking like the coolest dude on the block!

This little dude below rocked looks from Zara, Gap and Janie and Jack. How handsome is he?!

We’d love to meet you and your little one at our studio servicing Manhattan Beach – give us a call at 310-391-4500 and check us out online at!