We typically only photograph newborn babies under the age of 10 days – however, this lovely little lady had a very special story. She had to do some international travel during her first weeks of life, and so we made a special exception and photographed her at about a month old.

When babies are older than about 10 days – assuming that they were born at term – they become a bit more awake and fussy…. and, well, awake babies are not a big fan of buckets and funny head holding poses 🙂 However, we sometimes catch a break and are blessed with a sleepy baby.  This little girl fussed a bit – not that you can tell in the photos – but we were able to capture amazing photos of her, both asleep and awake.

My favorite photo from the shoot is the photo of Halle from above with the lovely fabric draped over the side of the basket. The family brought this drapery fabric to incorporate into her photos. She is so sweet and cuddled up in classic fetus pose- love it! The family is printing this image on large format canvas and hanging it in their stairwell as an impact art piece when guests walk into their home. What better artwork is there than your own family to adorn your walls?! A painting or scenic photograph is lovely, but it will never give you the warm and fussy happy feeling you get from seeing your precious baby’s first photos every day 🙂

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