It has been a week full of brothers! We have been having so much fun styling up all these handsome little dudes that have come to see us and our accessory collection just keeps on growing!

This session was so much fun for a lot of reasons. Not only did these boys look so handsome with their classic gray, blue & white color scheme and styled haircuts, but they were also awesome ages to photograph! Baby Raul was (our favorite age) seven months old, and big brother Diego was four years old – which is a great age difference for photos! Diego was so helpful during the shoot wanting to help get baby brother to smile, and wanting to snuggle him throughout the whole shoot.

Four years old is a cool age to have in the studio. There is certainly a big difference between ages three and four that I’ve noticed – especially when it comes to having a new family member in the picture! Three year olds are generally going through that very exciting “no” phase with a very strong “my way or the highway” kind of personality, whereas four year olds are learning more about listening, are excited to follow directions, and are very pleased with themselves when they accomplish small tasks and “I DID IT!” This makes it a heck of a lot easier to get amazing sibling photos with big smiles!  🙂

(See more developmental differences between three years old and four years old at

Take a look at some of our favorites from Diego and Raul’s Holiday Session below. So cute!

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