One of fun questions I get to ask when a client books us for a girl’s photo shoot is “where are you on the girly-ness scale?”  1 being no pinks, purples, headbands or anything lacy, and 10 being “I want the biggest headbands, pink all over and the fluffiest tutus you’ve got.” Generally speaking, most of our clients fall somewhere in the middle…. or should I say the MOMS fall somewhere in the middle. Dads are all over the place. Some newborn dads are still in shock that their future will be filled with princesses, hot pink, and lace on everything and so they tell me “only the smallest headbands you have, please.” We totally get and respect that. Then there are the more organic dads who say absolutely zero headbands or lace of any kind and only organic and natural props. I accommodate all requests and am happy to bring each client’s unique vision for their images to life. Then there are that dads that crack me up because they want the biggest headbands, pinkest tutus and pearls on every set. Again, I try to give every client what they want and accommodate all requests!

However, there is one common thread that I have found throughout 99% of my shoots: people love headbands on baby girls. If a client isn’t too keen on headbands or girly stuff, I always like to give them options and tell them that we can always try a small headband for a few shots. When clients come back to look at their photos during the ordering appointment can you guess which shots they like the best? 99% of the time the favorite shots from the shoot are the ones with a headband!

That was the case with this particular client. They wanted no headbands, but I insisted on putting a few really delicate ones one her and, yep, you guessed it: the tiny pink bow headband shots were the favorites!

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