family with three daughters looking down at youngest sister

We have known this family since their middle daughter’s maternity and newborn sessions over three years ago. They’ve come back every year and we’ve done shoots with them at Temescal Canyon and Playa del Rey Beach since then. Each time their photos are amazing. They are amazing for many reasons (past the obvious one that all members of the family are gorgeous!) their photos are amazing because of the love, laughter and candid emotions that they share with us during their photo sessions. There are always tons of laugh-out-loud moments, squishy faced hugs, jumps in the air and at least one or two cheesy faces.  As their sessions are winding down and the girls are starting to get tired of taking photos – the mom inevitably gives me this look like “did we get even one good photo?!”

The girls are rambunctious, just like all other kids their age, but that is why we always have 1-2 assistants helping out with each of our photo sessions. It always takes one person being ready with the camera for that split second when everyone is actually looking at the camera and smiling, and then a couple of assistants to chase down the kids, give them tickles to make them laugh and make sure that everyone is positioned correctly.  I don’t blame this mom’s skeptical look at the end of the shoots we’ve had – there have definitely been moments of chaos in each one! However, each time I am thrilled when she looks at me when they are at the studio looking at the finished photos and say “There are so many great photos – how on earth did you do it?!” It’s a team effort and – let’s be honest – we edit out a whole lot of missed moments to get to those perfect gems 🙂

This lovely newborn session was no different – the older girls wanted to jump and play, but the team here at the studio wrangled them into great poses and we even got a photo of all three girls together – that was by far the toughest shot of the day!  Find out more about how we do it and watch videos of newborn sessions here!

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