When I met with the mama of these stylish Beverly Hills kiddos, I knew she had a particular vision she wanted to bring to life.  As you can imagine, it can be challenging for a mom to capture her two toddlers together in a photo on her own, so we knew having one amazing shot of Miss Colette and Baby Colton together was a priority.

This is why we always shoot in teams.  With four of us girls here in the studio, we know all of the little tricks that work for babies and kids of all ages, but especially when it comes to toddlers.  The number one tip I always give, is never tell a 1.5-3 year old “sit down,” “be still,” “look at the camera,” or “smile.” I PROMISE YOU IT WILL NEVER WORK.  Maybe 1/10 times you’ll get luck, but more than likely, they will want to do exactly the opposite and see just how much they can get away with!  🙂

Instead of commanding those very energetic, independent little ones to do what you want, try making a fun game out of it.  Stickers, bubbles, cheesey puffs.. any kind of fun reward.  Because even though toddlers aren’t so crazy about listening to commands, they often like to follow a set of rules or directions in order to get what they want.  So if they know that “standing on a magic sticker” makes bubbles happen, or “hold that kiss on your sister’s cheek” gets them a bite of a cookie, they will gladly do it! There are some very helpful tip on teaching your toddlers to listen in this Mommy Shorts Blog post.

In the case of Colton & Colette below, we used some of these tricks to get our shots, however Miss Colette was a very helpful big sister in getting silly smiles from her baby brother and loving up on him with hugs and kisses!  Check out some of our favorites from their session below.


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