Paige, the owner and designer of Paige Lauren Baby is a very good friend of mine. Paige’s modern baby clothes have been featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Mama{love}NYC, BC Magazine and worn by lots of celebrity kiddos. Both she and her designs are fabulous 🙂

So, when I visit her and her little baby boy, I know that he will always be dressed in cutting edge baby fashion.  A few weeks ago when I saw them, this little baby boy was dressed in a black romper. When I think of babies, I think of pastel colors, white, light shades and cutesy patterns – and yet, here was my friend dressing her couple months old baby in BLACK! And to my surprise, I LOVED his edgy look!

I’m always trying to think of ways to push the envelope with our newborn styling, and so I immediately hit the ground running on Etsy and purchased some charcoal gray and black hats for little boys. The striped one from this shoot was purchased during that trip. Next up, I went fabric shopping in Downtown LA. Leah and I go every few months to find new inspiration, textures and backdrops for our shoots – it is one of our absolute favorite things to do!  This time I went alone, but I came back with several edgy fabrics – the new faux fur used for his naked “to infinity” shots as well as the metallic black background of the scale setups were among the new scores.

The last thing to do was to wait for a newborn client who had requested darker colors and would like all these new, fun black inspired accessories…. enter Noah!

Thank you to PLB for her styling inspiration!  Interested in having our Encino portrait studio capture your baby’s infant photos? Check us out  online and call 310-391-4500 for your consultation!