It was so special meeting this family and getting the opportunity to document them at this big turning point in their lives! These kiddos have spent their whole lives so far living in Los Angeles, and just a couple of days after their photo shoot, they packed up and moved to Texas!

With that being said, it was crucial to mom to have portraits taken of their family that were very “California,” and so of course, you think of the beach! Now, the thing about photographing a three-year-old and fifteen-month-old, is that it can be very tricky to get amazing photos as the beach, especially in the wintertime – even if we do live in Los Angeles! For adults, we know how to pull it together. We can suck it up in the cold and keep our eyes open for photos in the bright sun!  But for toddlers, all they know it that it’s cold, it’s bright, and it’s windy! So it can sometimes result in blue lips and squinty eyes!

That’s why we’ve found the perfect beach in Playa Del Rey that has an amazing park just across the way!  We can pretty much guarantee amazing photos at the park with kiddos these ages, so I always make sure to “get the gold” here just anticipating a meltdown in the sand!

However, these two were troopers and gave us amazing smiles both at the park and at the beach!  It may have taken a team of with two assistants, but we left knowing that this family was certainly going home to Texas with their very Cali family portraits hanging on their new walls!

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