When it comes to making babies smile, sometimes we get a hard nut to crack!  But our Pasadena baby photographers know lots of tricks to keep little ones engaged and having a blast during their portrait sessions!  That’s why it was so easy to get seven-month-old Dylan (below) to smile up a storm during his photo shoot!

Us girls here at The Pod Photography always love having 6-9 month old babies to photograph mostly because they are at such a great age to smile, sit, lay on their tummies, begin pulling themselves up to stand, and are interacting with things – which all make for really amazing storytelling albums (one of our favorite products to create for our Pasadena clients)!

At seven months, babies are between that super smiley phase, right before stranger anxiety starts to kick in.  An article about baby smiles on describes six month old babies as having “undiscriminating smiles,” and that

“six-month-old babies grin at you no matter what you do.”  -Dr. Cowan, also describes this 5-7 month range as the age when babies start reaching and grabbing (those interaction shots that we love!):

“When a child begins to reach and grab, it says she can act intentionally on the world,” says Claire Lerner, director of parenting resources for Zero to Three, a national nonprofit organization devoted to promoting healthy development for infants and toddlers. “It shows desire, interest and curiosity, which are all critical for learning.”

To encourage reaching and grabbing, get down on the floor with your baby and place a favorite toy just out of reach. The more opportunities you create, the more you engage her senses and entice her to touch, smell, look, and learn about objects. –

Take a look at some of our favorite smiley photos from Baby Dylan’s portrait session:

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