When meeting a maternity client for the first time at their session design appointment, we love to get to know them! This is the time to learn what your hobbies are, what outfit you feel really good in, if you like to have your hair and makeup done to the nines or prefer a natural look. The planning is one of the fun parts, and our Redondo Beach maternity photographer definitely has fun with the session design!

Styling the outfits for the maternity pictures

When we first met the mama to be, we could tell immediately that she is a gal with style. Typically for pregnancy pictures we recommend client wear outfits that are soft and sweet colors that imply the sweetness of the baby to come. However, when this mama started trying on dresses at our studio during her dress-fitting appointment it was immediately clear that this strategy was not the right one for her.  Simply put, she’s not a soft-colors kind of a gal.

Because of that, we switched strategies for her maternity photo session and started dressing her in blacks and darker colors. Wow, did that make a difference! Since she has such fair hair and skin, the darker tones really accented her beauty!

The day of the maternity photo shoot we pulled all of her outfits and were ready for her arrival.  Just to throw a little something different into the mix of all black outfits, we ended up doing one ivory dress with a dark dray background. However, our favorite set up was the black satin setup with this hot mama photographed from above. There is nothing wrong with a little sexiness in maternity pictures, and this mama-to-be definitely pulled it off. Her hair color and contrasting skin looked stunning against the ebony background!

It took a little digging and listening to get this pregnancy client the perfect photos, but I think we have accomplished showcasing her personality in these pictures. It is our pleasure getting to know each client who comes to our studio and creating maternity pictures that are meaningful, personal and tell their story.

Scheduling your Pregnancy Photos

We would love to get to know you and capture amazing pictures of you as well. Visit our website www.thepodphoto.com and give us a call at 310-391-4500 to start planning your perfect pregnancy pictures in Redondo Beach!